Our Story

About Gulpon

Gulpon is a food and beverage brand manufactured and marketed by Gulpon foods and beverages Pvt Ltd.
It was started by the idea to develop a blender that solves the problems faced by milkshake retailers such as measuring, scooping, washing jars every time one wants to make a milkshake. In a course of time and a few iterations, we have achieved to design and manufacture the “Blend in cup” blender for the very first time in India. While the R&D for the blender was going, our interest and passion for food and beverages made us start Gulpon where we want to bring innovative, yummy delicious foods and beverages to the market. Our product packaging and manufacturing practices will be environmentally conscious.

Founder’s Note

Gulpon wants to be a part of the food and beverage industry by creating goods and services that are both valuable and meet consumer demands. We are passionate about food and drinks, and we use that passion to create creative goods and services for our consumers to enjoy. Gulpon will now make a deliberate commitment to remain carbon free, which will be reflected in our whole product and service chain.
Gulpon’s journey started when two friends and avid foodies wanted to become food and beverage entrepreneurs with the aim of scouring India and the globe for innovative new concepts and trends in the food and beverage space.